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It may be a vision of the future of the university. But the campus gender imbalance has reached an extreme extent in Iceland, a country that tops global lists for gender equality. In Iceland as a whole, 64 percent of tertiary education students are women, according to European Union statistics.

This is more than any other E. In only a handful do men remain the majority. The gulf in Iceland is now so wide that Benediktsson would like to see special Dominant fem Iceland to get boys interested in higher education, with universities working alongside other parts of the education system such as high schools. But the root causes of the imbalance are hard to tackle. And a focus on male disadvantage is not uncontroversial in a country where men still earn far more than women and the professoriate remains overwhelmingly male.

Iceland, surrounded by fisheries, has long offered plentiful stereotypically male work opportunities that do not require high levels of education. Men can earn more out on a fishing boat than women can in female-dominated areas such as caring and teaching, she explained, so women gravitate toward universities to boost their earning prospects. Women in their 40s and 50s are studying for degrees for the first time, she said, having grown up when it was far less common for women to go to university. Some researchers are investigating whether the dearth of men on campus has roots beyond the economic, and if boys have become disillusioned with the idea of higher education, he warned.

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Certainly, they need more role models in areas such as teaching and nursing, he added. Courses with scarcely any men, such as playschool teacher education and social service counseling, have started to award male-only scholarships to redress the balance, explained Heijstra. Legal prohibitions also make positive discrimination by universities difficult, said Benediktsson. The nursing profession has disseminated on social media images of and interviews with male nurses, she added.

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There is, however, still one part of the university where men are very much in the majority. In a mirror image of the student body, just under a third of full professors are women, according to the most recent statistics, from This has improved by three percentage points sinceand in the same period, associate professors have become majority female. According to the E. We have retired comments and introduced Letters to the Editor. Share your thoughts ยป. Expand comments Hide comments.

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View the discussion thread. Advertise About Contact Subscribe. Coronavirus Live Updates - July 13, Topics Global. Iceland's Missing Male Students. Sixty-four percent of students are women, the highest percentage of any European nation.

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May 3, Higher ed is facing a reckoning much like the music industry already has opinion. Subscribe for free today.

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Dominant fem Iceland

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Iceland's Missing Male Students