Iceland intimate encounter

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The world's largest island teems with life, welcoming you with its breathtaking scenery. East Greenland is vast, sparsely inhabited, and stunning in its austere beauty, while West Greenland has more Indigenous communities and varied wildlife. Navigating the icy channels of the High Arctic, follow in the footsteps of legendary explorers who braved the unknown to seek the fabled sea route to Asia. Revel at vast, untouched nature stunning in its minimalist splendor along the way. For the handful of individuals who experience it, reaching the North Pole aboard nuclear icebreaker 50 Years of Victory is the absolute zenith of polar exploration and the most exclusive voyage in the world, today.

Steeped in polar history, the Russian High Arctic offers the rare opportunity to travel to Iceland intimate encounter archipelagos, including Severnaya Zemlya. Be among the first to explore the last Arctic islands to be discovered on Earth.

The Antarctic Peninsula is an environment of exquisite isolation, rich wildlife, stimulating history and majestic landscapes. Your journey to the 7th Continent will take you to the end of the world, where adventure begins.

En route to Antarctica, take the opportunity to encounter iconic wildlife and immerse yourself in early Antarctic exploration on these sub-Antarctic islands of the South Atlantic Ocean. Patagonia is a sparsely-populated, wildlife-rich region in the southern part South America. Ice-choked and impassible for most of the year, Snow Hill Island is only accessible for a few weeks of the season.

Guests fly in via helicopter, then walk across the sea ice to commune with thousands of Emperor penguins and their chicks. As an Arktika-class icebreaker, this vessel is capable of crushing through ice up to 9. The passenger Kapitan Khlebnikov is a polar-class icebreaker that combines power and technology with comfort. Boasting a 24,horsepower engine, KLB Iceland intimate encounter transited the Northwest Passage more times than any other vessel.

A multi-million-dollar renovation means that the guests aboard Ocean Adventurer travel to the most remote regions of the world in the utmost comfort. With a guest capacity ofOcean Diamond is one of the largest vessels in our small expedition ship fleet. Two stabilizers and an Iceland intimate encounter hull make this vessel ideal for polar expedition. The newest addition to our fleet, the guest Ultramarine will be equipped with two twin-engine helicopters, 20 quick-launching Zodiacs, spacious suites, wellness amenities and numerous outdoor wildlife viewing spaces.

Distinct and comfortable, refined and roomy, the guest World Explorer is an all-balcony, all-suites expedition ship perfect for polar exploration. Explore the amazing Arctic, immerse yourself in the beauty and fragility of a wondrous region, and return with unique memories that will last a lifetime.

Your Arctic adventure begins in Oslo, where you may arrive at any time during Day 1 of your itinerary. Upon arriving in this splendid capital city, known for its green spaces and museums, you will check into your included airport hotel. Exploring Spitsbergen, the largest island of the Norwegian Svalbard archipelago, rewards you with austere beauty and opportunities to spot its abundant wildlife. Birders will be thrilled to see Arctic terns, skuas, long-tailed ducks, kittiwakes and ivory gulls. If conditions allow, you could sail within 10 degrees of the North Pole!

While sailing south through the Greenland Sea, your Expedition Team will teach you about the wildlife and history of Greenland, your next stop. Take in a presentation, share your photos, sip an icy cocktail in the bar or watch a film—there are many things to do during your time at sea.

Finally, you will sail through spectacular Scoresbysund, the birthplace of many icebergs and, some say, the most beautiful fjord system in the world. If conditions allow, you may also visit Ittoqqortoormiit, the most remote community in East Greenland. As we cruise south, the Denmark Strait is your pathway toward Iceland.

If you have booked post-expedition accommodation, we provide a transfer to a central downtown location. Important reminder: Embracing the unexpected is part of the legacy—and excitement—of expedition travel. When traveling in extremely remote regions, your expedition staff must allow the sea, the ice and the weather to guide route and itinerary details.

Learn more about this expedition. Hiking in the polar regions differs from your typical trail experience. Here, in a tree-less terrain, you are the tallest figure on the landscape as you walk over spongy tundra, crusty snow or sandy beaches in remotes parts of the Arctic and Antarctica.

The Polar Plunge is scheduled once during each voyage. Throughout the journey, the Expedition Leader and Captain constantly monitor conditions in order to choose the optimal time and location.

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The Polar Plunge sometimes takes place onshore or, in many cases, from the gangway or Zodiac. Zodiacs are used for transferring you ashore, transporting your luggage when necessary and for taking you ocean-level cruising among icebergs, whales and seabirds. During the expedition, you will visit remote and isolated sites that are accessible only by Zodiac.

Every sweep of the paddle as your craft glides through the pristine polar waters creates an incredible soundtrack: the jostle of glacial ice, the lapping of waves against the rocky shore, the perpetual drip from your paddle, the call of seabirds, and the occasional splash as wildlife break the surface of the water. Positioning yourself in the seat of a kayak is one of the most intimate ways travelers can connect with the polar regions—at water level, up close, where you can touch and feel every polar sensation imaginable. The Sea Kayak Program enables a small group of like-minded individuals to forge bonds as they explore fjords, glacial faces or mazes of sea ice.

Green spaces. Viking heritage. Classic museums. Accessible fjords. What more could you ask for in a capital city? The Iceland intimate encounter proper has a population ofwith 1. Duration 15 days. Departing From Oslo, Norway. Adventure Options Paddling. Rode Fjord, Greenland. Scoresby Sound. Walrus sightings. Kayaking is an Adventure Option. Polar bear sightings.

Zodiac travel is an Adventure Option. Available Itinerary Arctic Season. View Itinerary map Hide Itinerary map. Day 1. Day 2. Embarkation Day in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Days 3 to 6. Days 7 and 8.

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Days 9 to Days 13 and Day Download Brochure. Rates above include the following: Leadership throughout your voyage by our experienced Expedition Leaders, including shore landings and other activities All Zodiac transfers and cruising as per the daily program All shore landings as per the daily program Shipboard accommodation with daily housekeeping All meals, snacks, soft drinks and juices on board throughout your voyage Please inform us of any dietary requirements as far in advance as possible.

Learn More. Easily rebook your trip for any reason up to 30 days prior to your voyage. No questions asked.

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Departure Dates and Cabins Showing 1 - 1 of 1 Departures. Starting from. Included Activities. Adventure Options. Paddling Excursion. Sea Kayaking. Interested in extending your stay? .

Iceland intimate encounter

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