Looking for a woman to respect

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But she first came to that realization while on a singles retreat before she got married. Look at these 5 respect needs of men. He needs her to respect his judgment and not always question his knowledge or argue with his decisions. Several men confessed that they felt like their opinions and decisions were actively valued in every area of their lives except at home. Some men felt that their comrades at work trusted their judgment more than their own wives did. Another strong theme that emerged was that men want—even need—to figure things out for themselves.

And if they can, they feel like they have conquered something and are affirmed as men. For some reason, spending hours figuring out how to put together the new DVD player is fun. Problem is, we want to help them—and guess how they interpret that? You got it: distrust.

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And, of course, our attention is not all benign. The next time your husband stubbornly drives in circles, ask yourself what is more important—being on time to the party or his feeling trusted. No contest. Women hold an incredible power in the way we communicate with our men both husbands and sons to build them up or to tear them down, to encourage or to exasperate.

Now we come to one of the most important points of the book. There appears to be an epidemic of public disrespect for men, and the biggest culprit is not the television, movies, or other media, but the women who are supposed to love their men most.

Dozens of men told me how painful it is when their wives criticize them in public, put them down, or even question their judgment in front of others. I consider them torture. Having seen how important public respect is to men it is almost impossible to overstateI have become incredibly sensitive to how often we might talk negatively about them behind their backs. Unfortunately, in one area men have every right to read something into what we say—and that is when we have jumped to negative conclusions about them. See if this assumption rings a bell.

But inherent in the question is our assumption that the guy needs the reminder—that he is either incapable of remembering on his own or that he remembers just fine but needs our prodding to do the job. Just realize that his reason for not doing it may be different from yours. Remember, half the men in the survey indicated that sometimes they just have different priorities.

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Or, they could just be unable to handle one more thing. One man with a stressful job noted that he sometimes feels like a computer that will crash if he tries to load one more thing onto it. For him, procrastinating on something his wife wants him to do at home is his warning that he will emotionally crash if he tries it. Shaunti has more great insight into the respect needs of men.

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Looking for a woman to respect

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Respecting women cannot be a rule, but surely it can be a responsibility