Looking to find a playmate

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DATING apps are no longer just minefields of nudes and catfishes - there are now unicorn hunters out there too! While it may sound like stuff of Brothers Grimm fairy tales, this is the new term used for couples trawling the likes of Tinder and Bumble to find a singleton to their already established relationship.

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The unicorn hunter has been described as someone who cruises through dating apps, looking for a playmate to another couple's sex life. It's a tricky ask, which is how the hunters got their name, says sex journalist Anne Vetter for Cosmopolitan. The rising trend has seen the unicorn emoji re-purposed and splashed all over profiles of those who are 'pro-hunters'.

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Anne explains: "These couples are looking for me to enter their fantasy—not help me live out mine. She revealed how to spot 'unicorn hunters' while swiping through an app, as the first pic will usually be a provocative one of a woman by herself. But some are harder to spot, and wait until they're sliding into your DM's before dropping the bombshell they're in a committed relationship - they just want you to the fun.

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Before getting in the sack - all of you - women have revealed the top five turn-offs in the bedroom. While this teen porn addict revealed she watched four hours of sex videos every day to cope with death of her dad.

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Looking to find a playmate

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