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Let us start from the beginning and find out whether it is possible to make someone call you instantly using the law of attraction. If yes, how to manifest someone to contact you? The starting point is your wish or desire — what you want. Since you are interested and reading this, we will assume that you wish for a call or a text message from a specific person.

It may be a special individual you are in love with, someone you want to befriend or a recruiter about a job interview you gave. It works the same. Every time you get a call or a message, your heart is aflutter and you feel as if your heart is in your throat, only to feel let down and disappointed. And disillusioned about the whole thing. You must be wondering why the law of attraction is not working for you. After all, you have been thinking about nothing else all this time.

The first and most obvious reason is your obsessionat times bordering on neediness and desperation. The energy you give out is all negative. As you are aware, you get back what you My specific someone out. Another point to note is your belief.

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Even when wishing for a call or message from that person, you do not believe that it will happen. You may even be believing in your heart of hearts that it is not going to happen.

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When your thoughts and feelings are lingering in the negative space, how can you expect good, positive things to happen in your life? You are giving out negative vibes to people around you because of your desperate behavior and pessimistic beliefs. So, the solution to your problem is also simple. To change what you are receiving, you just need to change what you are sending out. Turn around your outlook from negative to positive. Another point to remember. Blaming that person for not contacting you is so unfair.

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Because you are the one causing this. Last but not least is your assumption about the attitude of that person towards you. Do not take their silence or staying away as an indication of their lack of love or hatred towards you. You never know what is going through their mind. Try to give them the benefit of doubt.

This has one more downside. When you assume negative things about the person, through your energy vibrations, these thoughts reach them and they begin to have negative thoughts about you in real. Everyone is My specific someone reflection of your thoughts. The first step in manifesting is to believe in the process. You need to believe that it is possible to manifest someone to miss you and prompt them to contact you. You wish for many things to happen, but most often it is just a passing fancy and not an intense desire.

Is this also one such fleeting whim? If so, there lies your reason for failure at manifesting. In case your desire is momentary and not enduring, it is better to abandon its pursuit. Your desire needs to be rooted in burning passion to withstand the hurdles and challenges you may have to overcome in the course of your manifestation journey. The clarity in what you want is vital for a successful manifestation. Add as many details as you can gather such as the name of the person with whom you want to get in touch. Think about why you want this person to contact you and make a My specific someone of the reasons.

Even if you are sure about this person, try to find out what you love about this person and why you want the person to contact you. Identify the attributes of the person that is drawing you in. In your appeal to the Universe, wish for a person with those general traits rather than a specific someone. For all you know, you may be unaware that the person is not suitable for you. Trust the Universe to know what is best for you and bring you the right person at the right time.

Believe in the motto — if not this, something better will come to you. There are both positive and negative energies in abundance in this Universe, as everything in it is made up of energy. Your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions are all energy, vibrating at different frequencies. And we all know that energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be converted from one form to another. When your vibrational frequency matches that of another person, you tend to be attracted to each other and stay together. When either of your vibrational frequencies changes, you will drift apart and part ways.

Your dreams come true when you are a vibrational match for it. As desires are always good, positive things, you need to raise your frequency. The only way to achieve this is to get rid of negativity and embrace a positive, optimistic attitude.

The one thing you can control completely is your thoughts. Your thoughts are way more powerful than you can imagine. Like everything else, your thoughts are also vibrations. Using them, you can influence anyone you want to. Since others just mirror your thoughts, it is possible to influence others to do what you want with your thoughts. Do not bother about how you parted ways earlier or the disagreements you have had in the past.

By focusing on these negative thoughts, you are trying to find reasons for the person not to contact you. Be mindful of your thoughts as they have the power to influence others. Low self-image is directly linked to failure. By allowing fear, doubts, and desperation to take over your mind, you are sabotaging your dreams. Stop feeling powerless and inadequate. When you have low self-esteem, you are projecting these images about yourself onto those around you. Then you cannot blame others for treating you as incompetent, worthless, and having no respect for you. The more others treat you this way, the more you slip into depression.

It is a vicious cycle. Start believing in yourself and take control of your life. Believe in your hidden powers and ability to achieve anything you want to. Believe you are worthy of the life of your dreams and deserve a shot at happiness and success. Unflinching belief or trust in the power of the Universe in realizing your dreams is essential to manifesting with the law of attraction.

You need to believe that the Universe always has your back and work towards bringing you what you want. It is constantly trying to make you happy. Going about the steps of manifestation without believing in its success is a waste of time and energy. Trusting the Universe means having faith that your wishes and dreams will be fulfilled irrespective of past experiences and My specific someone situation.

It requires placing complete faith in its mechanisms even if everything points to the contrary. It means letting go of all alternative paths other than the one that le to success. Affirmation: These simple positive statements are immensely powerful in boosting your morale, keeping you motivated, and helping you stay on track.

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It is a potent tool for converting negative thoughts into positive ones. Using the right words with the right attitude is important in getting the best out of this highly formidable manifestation tool. Avoid anything with a negative connotation, even if the intention is correct. This rule covers your thoughts and conversations as well.

The more positive you are, the easier it is to manifest. This is sure to lift your spirits as nothing else can. For extra effect, you may hold your phone while doing this exercise. You need not turn the screen on or actually look at it. Just sit in a calm, undisturbed spot with your eyes closed and imagine getting a call or text from the person you desire. Using the law of attraction manifestation techniqueit is possible to manifest the exact phrase or sentence you My specific someone to hear.

All you need to do is include these in the visualization process. Do remember to include only positive messages in the visualization process. Negative messages that are apologies, pleading or arguing in nature would only end up adding more negativity and bring down your vibrational levels.

The next step is to visualize your excitement and euphoria at the fulfillment of your desire. Feel the emotion and immerse yourself in the happy vibes. If you do this right, you would even have goosebumps. Or find a tear or two trickling down your cheeks. Stay in the zone for as long as you want to.

Before you My specific someone to reality, you may send a message to the Universe. Remember to include your desire and your visualization experience in detail. This is immediately after you wake up in the morning or just before you fall asleep at night. A point to remember while doing this exercise is to differentiate between expectation and desperation.

You are desperate when you check your phone for messages ten times a minute. When you fail to find the message you are eagerly awaiting, you are disappointed irrespective of the reason for its absence. However, expectation without the shackles of desperation is sweet, exciting, and joyous and gives you a high as nothing else can.

My specific someone

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