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This is how they did. Before revealing each result, she took an informal audience vote and compared their responses to the research findings.

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From a gender point of view, the proportion of people in the U. In most other markets worldwide it is also fairly evenly split. Halstead noted that in China, males historically consumed more wine but a growing proportion of women—particularly younger women—are now wine drinkers. In the U. Looking at age groups, the proportion of males skews higher among to year-old wine drinkers.

Again, the proportion of monthly wine drinkers by age group follows the proportion of age groups in the population. Halstead predicts the U. They drink more frequently and when they drink they tend to drink a little bit more. Looking at from other countries for context shows that this is a global phenomenon. Breaking it down by age group, men in the younger age groups are increasing their proportion of volume of wine consumed. Men and women drink at the same frequency when relaxing at home or having a casual meal at home or out.

But men are much more likely to consume wine at dinner parties, business events and other more formal occasions. The proportion of U. Proportionally, men have a higher per-bottle spend than women. Are men more knowledgeable about wine compared to women? Are men more confident about wine than women? Audience vote: They are equally knowledgeable. Men are more confident. Research finding: The audience is correct on both. Globally, women and men were evenly matched.

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Halstead added that outside of wine, academic psychological studies have shown men typically score themselves higher in confidence than women. An age breakdown of this question shows that young women are ificantly more knowledgeable than are young men but they are drinking wine slightly less frequently, spending a little less, and are equally confident as younger men.

As women mature, however, their confidence level goes down. Why does that happen? What are we doing that might be driving some of that in terms of how we communicate with female drinkers? Also of note, U. Do men rely more on external validation of their wine choices compared with women in the U. Audience vote: Women rely more on external validation. Research finding: Men rely more on external validation.

In explaining theHalstead noted that there are different types of validation at play. Women over-index with taste descriptions and recommendations from family and friends. Men are more influenced by medals, awards, points, and guidebook recommendations; in other words, expert validation. Study participants were shown the bottle labels in a randomized order. They have an idealistic view of the conventional growing and production process. As part of the study, Wine Intelligence gathered a wide variety of wine bottles and asked consumers to group them by similar label des, then explain the criteria behind their decisions.

They conducted the study multiple times with different groups of consumers in order to come up with a classification system for different types of labels.

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Wine Intelligence then had a deer create labels typical of each genre. The showed that men and women were consistent in which labels they rejected. The gender differences came in which labels they perceived positively.

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Cutting the data by age group resulted in an identical finding, giving lie to the perception that millennials favor more eye-catching, edgy labels. Rather, they want quality reassurance. Mid-age consumers were the group more willing to try less traditional labels. It first tested unconscious buyers in other words, showed consumers both labels without pointing out the difference in text. Overall showed no difference in preference between the John and Mary labels.

However, the Mary label tested better with younger men and mid-age females, while younger women and older men preferred the male winemaker. Are women more conscious of moderating their alcohol consumption compared with men?

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To do so, men are more likely to switch to a lower alcohol alternative while women will look for non-alcoholic options. The younger population is more likely to moderate consumption, while mid-age and older populations are less likely. You must be logged in to post a comment. E: enquiries wineintelligence.

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We have embedded Youtube video content on some s for the benefit of our visitors, and Youtube videos include advertisements; Youtube uses cookies placed by the DoubleClick advertising network in order to tailor the choice of adverts to the user. Do more women drink wine than men in the USA? Audience vote: Yes. Do women drink more wine than men in the U. Audience vote: They drink equal amounts of wine.

Research finding: Men drink more. Do men spend more money on wine than women do in the U. Research finding: Yes. Audience vote: No. Research finding: No. Are U. Label de — do men and women interact with them differently? Audience vote: No difference. Research finding: There is a difference. Do women favor female-led or owned wines when given the choice in the U.

Research finding: It depends. Research finding: Men moderate more. Article and photo courtesy of Vinexpo New York. You might also like Admiration matters. Gen Z and Millennial consumers in the US look to purchase lower and non-alcoholic wine more than older drinkers, motivated by aligning with their peer group and reducing calorie intake. Raise a sparkling glass to the Millennials. Leave a Reply Want to the discussion? Feel free to contribute! Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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